Sunday, February 26, 2006


I decided to stay home and veg this weekend, since I haven't fully recovered from this cold/bronchitis. Not much was achieved, aside from eating to my heart's content and watching a few movies at home with friends. I must say though, I've missed sitting around and being a bum. It can be a lot more relaxing, then say spending most of my weekend nursing a hangover.

Also, I've decided that I'm giving up on men or rather relationships for the time being. Because who really needs a significant other in this day and age? Right?? Yeah, I'm not bitter. Not bitter in the least bit! Nope, not me. No, in fact I love being alone! Single, flabby, alone, and sick. It doesn't get much better than this.

Thursday, February 16, 2006


I don't know what happened, but I somehow managed to get sick again. Perhaps spending my evenings in shady bars, gobbling nachos and downing beers wasn't the best thing for my body. It's a shame though, since I spent three weeks in December sick with a bad cold that escalated in to bronchitis and left me miserable the whole time.

Anyhow, I guess I'm off to the real world. I need to buy a birthday gift for a good friend, who turns 23 this weekend.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Que le pongo uno chingasos!

I was talking to one of my good friends tonight, and somehow we got into a discussion about Oprah's show and how women sometimes feel like they get their self worth from men. Anyway, the conversation had be laughing for hours:

Ana: It got to the point where everyone hated Maribel's boyfriend, including her parents. In fact he would have to wait outside when he picked her up, because he wasn't welcome in the family home.
Me: How'd her parents find out about his behavior?
Ana: She'd tell her mom, and her mom would tell her father.
Me: Man, what'd her father do?
Ana: Well, he reacted like most macho, Mexican, fathers tend to; he'd go around saying, "Que le pongo unos chingasos."
Me: Hahahaha! That's awesome.
Ana: I know, her dad rules. He's like your standard, macho, Mexican; always sitting outside by himself, preparing carne asada with an ice chest of beer nearby.
Me: That man is my new hero! God bless his sweet, angelic, heart.

Friday, February 10, 2006


I'm loving Dug's myspace blog, gems like this keep me laughing for hours.

"I would love to see someone have one of those "what type of kisser are you" test results posted, and it says something like:

'You are a terrible kisser, simply terrible. Give up. Your breath nearly always smells foul, and when you kiss, you sort of just stick your tongue in your partner's mouth and leave it in there like a dead fish. People hate to kiss you, you will never find love, and you should probably start getting comfortable with the prostitution scene.'"

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Drama Queen

So perhaps I overreacted about my whole relationship with that special dewd. Things are good, or at least they appear to be good right now and I'm happy. Lets see if this all lasts.

Ok, I need to run right now, because I feel like a hippo. Toodles.

Why I oughta...

A conversation on AIM

Me: Why does dug not want to talk to me? why?
Dug: but I do. who told you that? why i oughta...

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Lonely, I am so lonely...

I think I might have messed things up with someone I like, or rather just delayed a whole lot of insecurities and heartbreaks. I can't tell you which one that is though, but I can tell you that I feel like shit and I'm in need of a break. Any kind of break, something that will take my mind off of this for a while and leave me tired and sleepy, so I can just get home and knock out from my long and hectic day.

Instead, I'm here wondering whether I just made a complete ass out of myself or whether I'll be the butt of someone's jokes for a while. Who knows? I'm so drained. I need out, I think I'm going to try and keep myself busy tonight cleaning out my sock drawer... Yes, that should be a time consuming task in itself. It's settled, who needs romance and companionship, when you have a messy sock drawer? Anyone?

Monday, February 06, 2006

Fuck you!

F--- you!

This photo was taken on Saturday night at some crappy club downtown; just a few mere moments before this ugly guy with boobs tried to feel me up and then grind up against my backside. It was a pretty horrific experience, and I still shudder at the mere thought of that disgusting pig in the muscle shirt. Anyway, I'm the one on the right, concealing my identity.


Well, I'm back again. I don't know if anyone missed me. Probably not, but I thought I'd continue on with this thing because I'm bored and all. Sigh.

This whole week has been a bust, I've been eating like a pig and staying at the same weight, which isn't too bad, aside from the fact that I've formed a slightly larger gut and all my jeans and pants are getting tighter each day. Eh, what can I do? I love food and my biggest addiction at the moment is mazapanes. You know, those delicious Mexican candies that are made of crushed peanuts and powdered sugar. The ones that just melt in your mouth when you shovel the whole contents of the wrapper in there. Mmm, mmm, mmm! I have to have like 4 or 5 to satisfy my cravings.

I suppose I'm not too concerned with my weight these days, because there are various other things in my life that are keeping me distracted. One of them is my new "friend," who's just so adorable and sweet. I could go on about him, but frankly I don't want to subject the readers out there to the stuff I annoy my friends with, it's too damn pathetic. And believe me, I'm trying to keep focused on other more constructive and positive things in my life. So with that, I'll end this blog entry.