Monday, February 13, 2006

Que le pongo uno chingasos!

I was talking to one of my good friends tonight, and somehow we got into a discussion about Oprah's show and how women sometimes feel like they get their self worth from men. Anyway, the conversation had be laughing for hours:

Ana: It got to the point where everyone hated Maribel's boyfriend, including her parents. In fact he would have to wait outside when he picked her up, because he wasn't welcome in the family home.
Me: How'd her parents find out about his behavior?
Ana: She'd tell her mom, and her mom would tell her father.
Me: Man, what'd her father do?
Ana: Well, he reacted like most macho, Mexican, fathers tend to; he'd go around saying, "Que le pongo unos chingasos."
Me: Hahahaha! That's awesome.
Ana: I know, her dad rules. He's like your standard, macho, Mexican; always sitting outside by himself, preparing carne asada with an ice chest of beer nearby.
Me: That man is my new hero! God bless his sweet, angelic, heart.


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